The War Chronicles


Citadel (War Chronicles Book 1)

Chapter 1.

Shroud of mist overtook the quiet damp, dark city streets. Her hand scraped and bruised dragging across the sharp shards of crumbling brick wall for sight. Shattered, desperate wheezing breaths the only noise in the ominous darkness. Her feet rubbed and twisted unnaturally as she tried to run in the most uncomfortable high heel shoes, her toes were squished, the straps were digging into her flesh drawing blood and the slippery warm liquid added to the discomfort and slowed down her pace. She slumped her upper body forward as if trying to escape her feet.

The stench of metallic dirt arose in the wet air.

The Kay Street, a long dark, gray brick alleyway with no connecting streets and only a few lights. It led all the way from sector eight to the first. But there was just one place where it opened up and lead to sector seven, a big brick archway Deeys had to find to survive.

A shrieking growl sliced through the night sending thrill of pure horror through her body, her legs grew heavy and refused to move, her breath gave out in her lungs.

Was this how I die? She wondered.

No. Deeys willed her legs to move, there was too much life flowing in her cells, unknown destiny still not fulfilled yet, she just knew. Another kind of adrenaline rushed through her blood stream, moving her legs at a faster speed, longer strides, filling her lungs with greater amounts of air.

Crashing, ground bouncing mixed with unnatural shilling cries echoed getting closer by each step she took, the creature she feared was near.

Her senses cried out in pain just before a heavy blow at her collar-bone sent her flying through the foggy air. Smashing her face into brick pavement, knocking her shoulder backwards. She screamed…no it came out as a weak attempt to grab for some air, a faint whisper of a noise, the taste of cooper filled her mouth. She spit out the blood as she rose quickly to her elbows. Deeys turned on her back, the back of head hitting the brick now. Her eyes were misted with tears and blood.  Two red glowing lights burned in the fog. The stench of sulfur wafted deep into her nose. A low grumbling growl began as a soft noise and it grew to the size of a storm as the ominous lights got closer. Deeys screamed. The glow spiraled and vanished, the noise stopped.

She blinked.

The Mok stood in front of her, horror-struck, she attempted to breathe, it was worse than she thought. The creature stood twice the size of her, with tall, muscular, animatistic legs, slender arms, that were too long for its body. They turned into sharp claws at its fingers. It was covered in gray fur like hair, the longest hair circling the back of its scalp and around its jaw bone. There were hundreds of thin, long, sharp, dark gray teeth; too much to fit in its mouth. They stretched the face in a grotesque smile. Snarling, the spit was foaming and dripping. There was no nose, just two tiny dots.

Where the eyes should have been were just two deep, dark sockets with two red orbs buried within it. The red glow…Deeys drifted into the light, no pain, no heaviness, no sound…she felt so light…to sleep would be nice she thought, her eyelids fluttered and became heavy. She blinked and tried to raise her arm to rub her heavy eyelids. There was no arm…there was no body she could feel or move. An alarm came through her from a distant part in her brains ‘wake up Deeys it is in the mind shutting all of it down.’  No…the light so bright, drifting her away into painless sleep…so bright…so light…the darkness stretched deeper, pulling her away, wrapping her in calm dark oblivion.

Floating through darkness, a memory rushed out of the nothingness, and slammed into her mind.

Deeys was on the platform, hovering just above the ground, her gown hung over it. The dark gray wedding gowns first layer of it was silk, molded to her thin shape, bodice supported by thin straps which wrapped around her shoulders. The second layer was high quality translusive material flowing over the first in a dreamy, old world, elegant fashion, engrafted with red diamonds. Her shoulder length, white hair catching the light glowed with a silvery glow of the moon light, fitting very well with the dress. Deeys was surrounded by mirrors. The dress was complete. Deeys wanted to shred it to pieces and scream.

“You look beautiful.” Reiz stepped out from behind the mirror. He wore his Citadel war uniform, a gray agent suit, with a red royalty coat, entwined with black leather city crest over his heart (a black dome with red light within, and tiny shadows for people). He nodded for the platform to lower, bringing Deeys face to face with him. His black hair was slicked back, his emotions, as always, closed off behind his clam, beautiful pale face. As Deeys had observed his emotions every once in a while passing through his grey eyes; but as he notice them running free he shook his head to turn back to stone.

“What are you doing here?” she asked. The Citadel? The bridal shop? Why was he here? She did not want him to be. Had he returned from Sonora this fast? Did she hope he would not?

 He smiled his popular charming smile and stretched his arm out to her. He was holding her engagement bracelet. “I found it.”

Deeys looked away. She had thrown it away, while running out of Reiz’s house in the garden.

Reiz took her hand and put it on, placing a kiss upon her hand.

“I am sorry.” He said.

Deeys gasped and looked at him. Reiz Adams never apologized to anyone for anything.

“The wedding is next week, could we start all over?” he asked.

Could he possibly mean it? Could she trust him? Did she want to? Deeys felt conflicted. A few months ago she would have said yes and been happy, but now after everything…but what choice did she really have?

Hesitantly, Deeys nodded, Reiz kissed her.


Her mind took her back into the darkness. What have I done? Did I truly mess up? Would I do everything different if I could go back to the moment of doubt three days ago? Three days ago, when the choice was made, a very big one. The one I had no right to make by myself. Everything and everyone depended on it. How would it play out? For me it might be my death? Deeys mind suddenly remembered something very important…she was lying on the ground in the alleyway with a Mok hovering over her.

No! I can’t die yet! Her mind screamed. Subconscious mind slammed her head backwards, hitting the hard road. Tears streamed down her eyes and teeth clanked together, biting her lip drawing upon the fresh warm blood. Deeys drew in a shaky breath, waking up into a nightmare.

The Mok screeched in disapproval, raising his huge claw hand into the air. She could not move just watched in horror as it came down on her, cutting into her skin, with a pop of a bone and a spray of her blood. It sung but a scream got stuck in her throat. Deeys found herself once again in the cold airy mist, so quickly out of nowhere appeared a brick wall stopping her flight, head slamming into it, then her back, the pain exploded all through her body shooting in each muscle and nerve as thousand needles.

Did the scream ever break loose? Deeys wondered as darkness overtook her mind.