Citadel (War Cornicles Book 1)


51e1Eez0d7L._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_On a dying planet, surviving cities are at war for leadership.
Reiz Adams leader of Citadel (one of the biggest city’s left standing) is determined to do whatever is necessary to fight against Heim’s false freedom war and keep his city. He is willing to go as far as continuing his fathers secret experiments, creating an invincible army for Citadel.
But all his plans get turned upside down when Deeys Whiterson hands the secret files to Heim’s spy. When she begins to learn about the horror of the experiments and the truth about herself, she won’t stop at nothing to find the full truth and save her people. Even though it might be too late.

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Goldwell (War Cornicles Book 2)

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Isle of Cursed Sorrows


 After the cruise ship wreck survivors find themselves stranded on an island.
51WfwNUYd+L._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Collin the ship’s captain is devastated, feeling responsible for the lives lost and the ship, he tries to keep the survivors together and hope for a way back to the civilization.
But with every second they spend on the isle they learn that something dark inhabits it.
The black rain comes, one by one they begin to lose hope and give in their worst fears.
Will anyone survive?

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