Following You


There are so many social sites, people following each other and looking for followers. Sort of creepy and lonely, it all seems. Spending so much time on computer missing out on real life, feeling exhausted instead of alive.

I don’t understand how people keep up with social networks. I have children to raise, stories to write and life to live. I barely have time to get things done! How am I supposed to sit online for hours stocking and hunting for people to follow me on sites in hopes they would maybe read a story of mine.

I have never been very social and that used to be alright for authors to be unsocial people, most were, but these days it seems that with thousand websites to sign up for popularity contests it is all about social skills instead of the story. What an old fashion antisocial author who likes to live in real life supposed to do?

All the Following and Followers feels like a desperate attempt in loneliness. I don’t feel accomplished, I feel like I wasted time of my life sitting at the computer. I do not wish to enter a popularity contest, I just want my stories to be read.

Get a book and read. It does not matter how popular the author is, how many likes, follows, published or not, how many ratings or reviews it has. What matters is the story so just read anything.


Photography by Normumds Bite :



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