To write from your soul of the world unknown.

I like to write down a story that comes into my mind, captures my interest and plays in my mind like a movie. I don’t plot I am very excited to know what happens next and try to write it down as fast as I can.

I can have hundred’s of stories go through my mind a day, but to write them down unfortunately is not the same thing. It takes a lot of time even if you have the whole story in your mind.

I have learned that the best stories find you and they tell themselves. Not just in my work but I have noticed in others as well. The ones which grab my attention are the one’s speaking through the author not author speaking the story. The most interesting book are the ones of stories that feel real (no matter how fictional). Some stories I have read (there are some good ones), but feel pushed and forced and just does not feel real no matter what.

The best stories to write are the ones that speak to the writer.

I will be writing book recommendations of stories I like and books I have read.



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