The War Chronicles

25113616865_8b07dbdabf_m (1)

Are about the war between the good and evil in this universe. How every choice and decision made affects everything around and how it changes people. How evil corrupts and destroys, making the good take an action and choice. The most important choice anyone can ever make, to stand strong or fall into ashes.

First book Citadel is on a dying planet, where everyone does what they please and the planet have been damaged beyond repairs. Citadel is one of the largest city’s on the planet, low on resources just as the other city’s, it still sustains life and something more.  Secret experiments to make an invincible army. Each characters choices and actions will shape the fate of Citadel in the coming war, which draws closer with everyday.

Second book Goldwell is set on the same planet, in a different city. Where the war continues and characters from first book keep fighting for good or fall for the abyss of evil.

Goldwell coming soon…







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