Following You


There are so many social sites, people following each other and looking for followers. Sort of creepy and lonely, it all seems. Spending so much time on computer missing out on real life, feeling exhausted instead of alive.

I don’t understand how people keep up with social networks. I have children to raise, stories to write and life to live. I barely have time to get things done! How am I supposed to sit online for hours stocking and hunting for people to follow me on sites in hopes they would maybe read a story of mine.

I have never been very social and that used to be alright for authors to be unsocial people, most were, but these days it seems that with thousand websites to sign up for popularity contests it is all about social skills instead of the story. What an old fashion antisocial author who likes to live in real life supposed to do?

All the Following and Followers feels like a desperate attempt in loneliness. I don’t feel accomplished, I feel like I wasted time of my life sitting at the computer. I do not wish to enter a popularity contest, I just want my stories to be read.

Get a book and read. It does not matter how popular the author is, how many likes, follows, published or not, how many ratings or reviews it has. What matters is the story so just read anything.


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I will write when the children let me!


The weather outside is bright and warm, the children don’t let me stay inside to write!

My day is run by two bosses, my Superhero 6 year old and my one year old Princess. I did not mean to spoil them not much but it happened. They demand my attention all day long, sometimes it gets overwhelming and stressful but I do love every minute. They grow so fast but in my heart they will always be my little babies. Just like me they love going outside and even in the Texas heat we can always find summer fun.

I really love to write and the characters are shouting at me because I am behind some chapters, but my most number one priority are my children, especially now since they are so young. I will try to write as much as I can but summer time and laughter take me outside to play.

Right now they are interested in a cartoon, but it will not last long. And it is time to make the dinner, I better run.


Self-promotion process


It has turned out to be a lot more complicated than I first thought it would be. Having to self-promote I have discovered just how much books and authors there are, making it a challenge to grab a reader’s attention. Good thing is I don’t give up. After hours of research and endless frustration I think this is one of those life lessons where I need to learn patience. Things don’t happen overnight and a lot of hard work is ahead of me.

There are a lot of sites out there who says they promote you if you pay certain amount, even if I would be able to pay it does not guarantee anything and I have found a lot of unsatisfied Authors with some of the paying promotion websites.

So far I am self-promoting using WordPress, Facebook, tumble and Amazon deals. Still trying to discover more while learning patience and balancing my time.

Does anyone know of good promotion websites, where you don’t have to spend all day on the computer?

Has anyone tried Twitter and Goodreads for promotion?

To write from your soul of the world unknown.

I like to write down a story that comes into my mind, captures my interest and plays in my mind like a movie. I don’t plot I am very excited to know what happens next and try to write it down as fast as I can.

I can have hundred’s of stories go through my mind a day, but to write them down unfortunately is not the same thing. It takes a lot of time even if you have the whole story in your mind.

I have learned that the best stories find you and they tell themselves. Not just in my work but I have noticed in others as well. The ones which grab my attention are the one’s speaking through the author not author speaking the story. The most interesting book are the ones of stories that feel real (no matter how fictional). Some stories I have read (there are some good ones), but feel pushed and forced and just does not feel real no matter what.

The best stories to write are the ones that speak to the writer.

I will be writing book recommendations of stories I like and books I have read.


Shadows of Striga


How long ago no one knows, ancient beings. Are they still around?

Quiet jumpy of every shadow? Maybe they are near, whispering in your ear!

Ancient writings speak of beings neither alive nor dead. Citadel records are missing a file on Striga. What do they look like? Who are they? Folk tale or real?

Best hope they are a scary story, because if there is a Striga in the shadows it grows hungry.

Once the whispering begins, do not listen, do not respond or its claws will dig deep within your mind.


The War Chronicles


The War Chronicles

25113616865_8b07dbdabf_m (1)

Are about the war between the good and evil in this universe. How every choice and decision made affects everything around and how it changes people. How evil corrupts and destroys, making the good take an action and choice. The most important choice anyone can ever make, to stand strong or fall into ashes.

First book Citadel is on a dying planet, where everyone does what they please and the planet have been damaged beyond repairs. Citadel is one of the largest city’s on the planet, low on resources just as the other city’s, it still sustains life and something more.  Secret experiments to make an invincible army. Each characters choices and actions will shape the fate of Citadel in the coming war, which draws closer with everyday.

Second book Goldwell is set on the same planet, in a different city. Where the war continues and characters from first book keep fighting for good or fall for the abyss of evil.

Goldwell coming soon…







I am Yvonna Sherlock, I have been writing and imagining stories all of my life but only recently decided on publishing. I started self-publishing on Amazon.

I write stories because they go through my mind day and night. The characters speak loudly and clearly. They make me laugh, they make me cry. I am always entertained in my mind.

I have decided to share my stories and hope others enjoy them as well as I do.